The Bar

A warm shelter from the ebb and flow of life, nine is a bar unlike any other. Stepping into this remarkable place, you’ll be welcomed by luxurious fabrics, snug décor, real fires to warm yourself by and an unmatched selection of beers, wines and cocktails from around the world.

Our team travelled to New York City for our brand design (the amazing Laura Bohill), to Florence for elements of our décor and to Barcelona for our furnishings. But it is right here, in Westoe Village, that we came for the most important part of all. You.



From every chair through to every table, nine has been designed with conversation in mind. There are no pool tables, dart boards or whizzing fruit machines. nine is a sanctuary, somewhere to enjoy a beer and unwind, spend the night with friends or relax with your significant other over a glass of wine.


Set across two floors, the building traces its history, as a bar at least, right the way back to the end of the First World War when it originally opened its doors as a private members club. Former glory has not been forgotten as original fireplaces, a stunning staircase and authentic ceilings from 100 years past are beautifully merged with contemporary furnishings and timeless chic.



The soundscape to your nine experience is more soulful and enriching than any banging, barnstormer of a dance tune could ever hope to provide. So if you really want to know what to expect, think about the true masters of their craft.

When it comes to live music, the Grey Lounge on the upper floor provides a stunning space with amazing acoustics in which you’ll find some of our regions greatest singers. Take a look around our Upcoming section or simply drop by and we’ll be happy to talk you through what the musical future holds here at nine.


Wednesday 5:00pm-11pm
Thursday 5:00pm-11pm
Friday 5pm- 12.30am
Saturday 5pm -12.30am
Sunday 5pm – 11pm